We meet once a quarter (November, February, May, and August) at Carrow Baptist Church on the first Tuesday of the month, 7PM.


May 27th Community Event hosted by Carolanne Farms Swim Club and Youth

Carolanne Farms and Youth Bands.Org is having a neighborhood cookout/party at Carolanne Farm Swim Club on Sun. May 27th starting at 4pm to 9pm...Everyone is welcome. There will be 4 youth bands performing, food, swimming, and fun for the whole family...Come have some FUN and meet the neighbors — at Carolanne Farms Swim Club.
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I know this is very short notice but we will be having a Civic League Meeting this Wednesday night (March 7th, 2012) , 7:00 pm at Carrow Baptist Church. This is to talk about the development at the intersection. There is a lot going on right now and I believe it will be informative for everyone. Before you say I dont want this or I dont want that come here the facts so we can discuss as a group. The plan is on the web site Please tell other people so they can get involved, thanks!!


Subject: Kempsville Neighborhood Coalition

Good Morning Neighbors,

Several of the Kempsville neighborhood civic leagues are interested in creating a Kempsville Neighborhood Coalition to disseminate information regarding the proposed development at the corner of Kempsville and Princess Anne Roads and to decide on the course of action which will best serve the interests of all. There will be a meeting of Kempsville neighborhood representatives at the Central Library on October 17th at 7:00PM. We would like to have two or three representatives from each neighborhood join us. We feel that it is vitally important for ALL the Kempsville neighborhoods to have an opportunity to participate in the discussion and decision making process. In addition, we feel that if we speak with clarity and unity when meeting with City Council and other City officials we are more likely to see a positive result. Please do not miss this opportunity to help determine the future of the Historic Kempsville District.

We hope to see you there.


CAF/Arrowhead Neighborhood Get Together

Arrowhead Neighborhood Get Together

Saturday, August 13 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Coastal Cafe

Created By

ForI grew up in Arrowhead / Carolanne Farms

More Info
Coastal Café is located in Kempsville Plaza Shopping Center. Right in the shopping center behind the old McDonalds (now McMexican)

This is just a fun little get together at a neighborhood hang out.

We listed 6 - 9 as the times but really it is open to swing by anytime.

The Kempsville Class of 81’ , 86' 91' reunions are the same night so we hope that the Chiefs will swing by after!

Barrie will be getting tent to expand to the outside of the café and allow for some out door seating.

Everyone is welcome to bring their old photos, memorabilia and old stories to share!

Barrie is providing some Yummy BBQ & fixings for the event!

Happy Hour Drink Specials till 7 & Barrie is making a fresh batch of K-ville Jello Shooters.


Carolanne Farm Civic League Volunteer Form